The First Debate Aftermath

The First Debate Aftermath

So now it is the weekend after the first debate and let’s recap where we are…Obama supporters have come down off of the ceiling and screwed their heads back on after their collective post debate meltdown. I have already provided my thinking, psuedo-conspiracy theory, on Barack’s strategy during the debate (see my post on The First Obama Vs. Romney Debate). Let me summarize…ROPE-A-DOPE. Oh yee of little faith…

By the way, I wasn’t the only one who thought Romney was arrogant and rude…not sure this performance is going to change his likeability that much…

According to SAP, Obama’s debate twitter sentiment was positive, whereas Romney’s was more negative…

  • Negative sentiment towards Romney far outweighed the positive. Obama had more positive sentiment.
  • Negative remarks about Romney centered on the perception that he was rude (20.6%) and that he “promised to cut help” (10.2%), an apparent reference to his views on social programs.

The next day on the campaign trail our guy was back to landing punches…like the debate never happened (hmmm…let me say it again, ROPE-A-DOPE, or maybe 7.8%)…with a bucket full of freshly fact checked lies to feast upon until the next debate. The big communication points from the President….”Gov. Romney may dance around his positions but if you want to be president, you owe the American people the truth”; “He was fact checked by hs own campaign”; “I mean thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on Big Bird. It’s about time. We didn’t know that Big Bird was driving the federal deficit. But that’s what we heard last night. How about that? Elmo, too?”.  In other words, what a LYING JERK! He really couldn’t say that during the debate, for a whole host of reasons. Better to let Romney set himself up.

Witness the gift that will keep on giving…

Since Romney did not get a chance to activate his Men In Black memory neuralyzer on the debate audience, because the whole 47% thing never came up (which clearly Romney was counting on because he went on Fox to deliver his prepared remarks on the subject the next day), Obama gets to keep beating him over the head with his words until he brings it up at a future debate. I still argue that this is soooo smart….

Guess what we are talking about three days after the debate…Big Bird (see my post Keep Your Hands Off Big Bird!!!) and 7.8%…We live to fight another day. So democrats, release, relax, relate…and VOTE!!!

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