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40th Anniversary of Blaxploitation Vol. 3 – 1972

1972 Banner

Celebrating the 40th anniversaries of Blaxploitation films and films that starred Black actors during the Blaxploitation film genre. These films were released from January 1 – December 31, 1972 during the “Greatest Decade Ever” in Black cinematic history. Most of these movie posters are in the collection of The Museum Of UnCut Funk, with the exception of A Place Called Today, Fritz The Cat, Is The Father Black Enough and The Limit.

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Blaxploitation And The Wild Wild West


From 1970 to 1976, during the height of the Blaxploitation era, there were fourteen westerns made for public consumption. Some of these films never made it to a national audience and others haven’t been seen since their release. There were a few films that found box office success and were critically acclaimed by some of the toughest film critics.

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