Who Is The HCIC?

Who Is The HCIC?

Who Is The HCIC? (Head Curator In Charge)

That would be me, “Sista ToFunky”.

I am a starchild of the 1970’s. I love everything about this decade, the films, tv shows, music, fashion and of course the baaad attitude.

I am a Black history enthusiast with a particular interest in how our culture impacts trends and pop culture around the world.

I am an educator who teaches and lectures about the historical significance of 1970’s Blaxploitation films and other aspects of 1970’s Black Culture.

I am also an avid collector of Black memorabilia from this era and have amassed a fairly sizable archive of original movie posters, animation cels, comic books and other funky goodies (a.k.a. “The Museum Of UnCut Funk Collection”).

My posters have been featured in More, Savoy, Upscale and King magazines, as well as on BET.

My 1970’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Black animation art exhibition, Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution is touring the country to different museums and was featured on the front page of the New York Times Arts section.

As a former art gallery owner, I understand the importance of preserving important cultural artifacts for future generations.

I started The Museum Of UnCut Funk to share my collecting philosophy and collection with funky people around the world. The museum will also highlight the connection between the 1970’s and today’s worldwide Urban culture.

It will be a space that honors the past but also keeps a fresh perspective.

You can like us on our facebook page, follow my tweets, visit my youtube channel and check us out in other cool places via the links at the very top of the page or in the menu bar on this site.

You can contact me on the Contact The Curator page.

Sista ToFunky
The Museum of UnCut Funk

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