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We Are On A Funky Mission

The 1970’s was the coolest, funkiest decade EVER! It was a time of pure funk, soul and the ultimate in cool, baby. Stylin’ and profilin’ in funky threads.

The big ‘fro with the pick in it or the tight cornrows. Drivin’ the fly caddy or the deuce-and-a-quarter. Talkin’ jive and stickin’ it to the man by any means necessary. Movin’, groovin’ with serious bad ass ‘tude. 

Superfly. Superbad. Right On! 

1970’s Black culture served as the mothership for all things funky, not only in the United States but all over the world. 

Fast-forward a few decades and 1970’s Black culture is back and hotter than ever. It has been reborn, supplying the essential ingredients for the hip hop revolution, not only in the United States but all over the world.

This is evidenced in several ways, such as the the proliferation of 1970’s funk and r&b samples used in rap music and the popularity of 1970’s style afros, cornrows and throwback fashions. 

Everything that was funky is sho’nuff funky again. Right On! 

The mission of the Museum Of UnCut Funk is to educate all who visit about the original “uncut” funk, it’s architects, disciples, footprint and legacy. We are on a mission to educate the world about 1970’s Black culture and history and unique aspects of Black history.

We celebrate and pay homage to 1970’s Black Culture and the contributions and legacies of Black icons from this era, as well as highlight the indelible impact that this decade has made upon today’s pop culture, not only in the U.S. but around the world. 

Old school Funk class is in session.

Museum Of UnCut Funk History


Redesigned online museum store


Created museum membership club - Funkadelica Club


Formed non-profit company - FunkEntelechy, Inc.


Launched Tell The Truth Teach The Truth Black history education initiative




Redesigned our virtual museum


Reached a major milestone with over a quarter of a million people seeing one of our Black History Exhibitions


Introduced another new traveling exhibition featuring artifacts from our collection - ObamaCon: The Making Of A New Black Superhero Exhibition - to honor our first Black President, Barack Obama


Partnered with the Google Cultural Institute Art Project to share our unique collection with a broader online audience


Introduced three new traveling exhibitions featuring artifacts from our collection - For The Love Of Money, Vintage Black Heroes and Vintage Black Heroines


Launched our Museum Of UnCut Funk online store


Introduced our first traveling panel exhibition - Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution Firsts


Launched our first national museum tour featuring artifacts from our collection at a major museum - Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution Animation Art Exhibition - at the Schomburg Center For Black History And Culture


Premiered our first traveling exhibition featuring artifacts from our collection, Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution at Toonseum Cartoon Museum in Pittsburgh, Pa.


Redesigned our virtual museum


Founded the Museum Of UnCut Funk and launched our first virtual museum online


Built our very funky and unique collection of Black history artifacts

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