Curator's Notes

Sista ToFunky’s notes about things of interest.

Introducing Our Funky Turns 40 Brand

Our new Funky Turns 40 Line, based on our highly successful traveling exhibition, includes our embroidered t-shirts and funky party accessories – everything you need to commemorate

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Norman Rockwell’s America?

The Museum Of UnCut Funk gathered a number of illustrated interpretations of the events from Ferguson, MO after the tragic death of Michael Brown on August

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These Are Not The Games I Played

Remember the good old days of playing your favorite board game on family night? I have many positive memories. Unfortunately, some companies thought it would be entertaining

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Celebrating Blackness 2014 Vol.5

Celebrating Blackness is a on-going series that pays homage to those who fought against oppression. The Museum Of UnCut Funk Celebrates Blackness and pays homage to strong

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