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We Are On A Funky Mission

Our mission is to preserve funky Black Cultural artifacts and history for future generations to enjoy and study. 

Unique Items In Our Collection

(At least that many, we are still counting and collecting…)

I started The Museum Of UnCut Funk to share my funky collection with funky people around the world.

Sista ToFunky

I am a huge fan of Blaxploitation memorabilia. It has become both a passion and an obsession. I also collect allot of different types of Black memorabilia. My motto is collect whatever you like and that’s what I do!

Sista ToFunky

Museum Of UnCut Funk Collection

The Museum Of UnCut Funk owns one of the world’s most unique and extensive collections of Original Production Cels and Drawings from 1970’s Saturday morning cartoons that feature Black characters. This art was used under the camera to produce these cartoons. You can check out our Animation collection here:


The rest of our Collection of funky artifacts from the 1970‘s and beyond continues to grow. You can check out the rest of our collection here –