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Features my favorite recipes that put an unconventional spin of Soul Food and FUNK IT UP,

my favorite things to eat from my favorite restaurants,

food shops and gourmet spots that offer the ultimate gastronomical experience.

Welcome to my culinary ride!

Black Rice

West Africans had been growing varieties of rice for several thousand years before the start of the slave trade with the colonies. Should Black folks

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Kelis New Album Food

Food is life. It’s the connective tissue between families, communities and cultures. At base, it’s sustenance, and at its most complex, like when it appears

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National French Fry Day

It’s National French Fry Day, a significant date on the Calendar of Feasts. Let us bow our heads in thanks. Let us hand-cut and double-fry

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Most people who know me know that I love to cook. But the one thing I have trouble making is Mac and Cheese…don’t know why???

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