Funky President

Chronicles the first Black President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Back To Work

President Obama wasted no time in getting back to work after the election. Here are a few of the things that he has had to

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Promises Kept

Here is Politifact’s take, via The Daily Kos, on how Barack Obama has performed relative to the promises that he made for his first term

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Mr. Funny Man

Here are some of the funnier, more amusing, whimsical images of President Barack Obama. Kind of a Presidential blooper reel. Well, at least he has

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Go Blue Team!

Have you ever wondered how the whole blue state vs. red state thing really works in the Electorial College? Here is a cool set of

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Barack And Michelle

The best part about four more years of President Obama is getting to witness for more years of Barack and Michelle! Just can’t ever get

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Barack The Baby Whisperer

Barack Obama recently made the following comment in a Rolling Stone interview about his Republican opponent in the 2012 Presidential Election, “You know, kids have

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