Can't Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff

Because I just can’t get enough…this is all about my favorite funky items

and facts from the 1970’s and beyond.

Black Dinah-Mite

   DINAH-MITE! Often neglected by collectors, Dinah-Mite was Mego’s answer to Barbie as AJ was to GI Joe. Her advertising featured her as an incredibly

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I came across this sister’s site while scoping the web for some Funky Stuff! and I was blown away by her creativity with keeping the

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The New Look of Black Barbie

The new line of darker-skinned Barbie BFFs may be a vast improvement over Mattel’s notorious “Colored Francie” of the 1960’s or the inexplicable “Oreo Fun

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Negro Leagues Memorabilia

Many of you may know that the Negro League was established on February 13, 1920, at a YMCA in Kansas City, Missouri. Andrew “Rube” Foster,

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