A Baad Asssss Blasian Is Coming Back To Collect His Dues….

For all the brothers and sisters who dig Blaxploitation films, have seen the original Sweet Sweetback’s film, and can see the similarities between Sweetback, the sex performer and Tiger Woods, the sex addict, as the Curator of The Museum of UnCut Funk I just could not resist…

Tiger Woods


Synopsis: Produced, directed, written and scored by Sista ToFunky, this landmark Blasian film is as controversial as it is popular for its X-rated story of one bad ass Blasian brother’s triumph over The Man. After beating a couple of white golfers, he witnessed their brutalization of a little white ball because they were pissed they got their asses kicked by a Blasian. Fearing he would be framed for this brutalization, Tiger the sex addict goes on the run. As he flees from his fabulous life of fame and fortune, Tiger demonstrates his sexual prowess and insatiable appetite for ruff and wild sex by taping the asses of the willing and able. After a violent Thanksgiving holiday car crash, Tiger evades his Swedish wife, his celebrity Black friends who screw white women, the press and the paparazzi. The Tiger hunt is intensified when he runs off into the sunset to find his swagger (or a condom or another blond), while his agent, Mark Steinberg warns that his story ain’t over.

There’s a bad ass Blasian coming for your ass, your daughter’s ass, your wife’s ass and as a matter of fact any other ass that crosses his path.

Coming soon to a theater near you.

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