Being one of the smartest blondes in Hollywood since Marilyn Monroe, FUNKY; Nailing UCLA for leaking her medical records and taking credit for California law being changed due to a security breach, TOO FUNKY; Doing your own documentary on your life as your body slowly succumbs to cancer before E! does a True Hollywood Story, FUNKALICIOUS!

Farrah Fawcett

Growing up, I can remember seeing Ultra Brite toothpaste commercials and Noxzema shaving cream spots, but I didn’t really realize Farrah was in them until watching her documentary that initially aired on 5/15/09. Of course after seeing the clips within the piece, you say, “Oh Yeah,” but the first time I really took note of her was when the majority of us did as the blonde in “Charlie’s Angels.”

The shit they got away w/ in those commercials. Prior to Farrah taking on the role of “the blonde” in the Noxzema spot, was another blonde who spoke softly just before classic David Rose piece, “The Stripper,” played as a man shaved his face.

It was this spot that encouraged me to pick up my grandfathers razor at the tender age of 6 or 7 and give myself, my first shave. I can still hear my mother’s shreek of fear, “Ahhh, what are doing?” “Shaving mommy,” I said, oblivious to the blood streaming down my face until she began wiping it off. I have a two scars on the right side of my face, one very close to my eye, to remind me.


Farrah Fawcett PosterIt was obviously her talents and sex appeal displayed in those commercials, that landed her the prime position in “Charlie’s Angels.” Farrah is now a sex symbol, an icon of pop-culture. Remember that riddle?  You know that joke – Why did ‘The Six Million-Dollar Man’ Lee Majors beat up the plumber? Because he screwed the wrong Fawcett. Nostalgia hunters can buy her famous poster, that was prominently featured in the John Travolta movie “Saturday Night Fever,” directly from Fawcett, the copyright holder. A portion of the proceeds from poster sales go to cancer charities. Reproductions are 100-dollars at

Pre and post “Charlie’s Angels,” she appeared in other television serials, as well as the TV movie “The Burning Bed.” The television drama was masterful in increasing awareness about domestic abuse, a problem that has long existed in this country and is still a major problem. The blonde bombshell then executed her role in the Off-Broadway production “Extremities,” that displayed a woman taking revenge on a man who raped her. It was later turned into a film, which also starred Alfre Woodard (currently in the film “American Violet”). Ever popular, Farrah did the talk show circuit and made numerous public appearances based on her celebrity. Who remembers the Letterman appearance where she was obviously under the influence?

Films that followed include: “Man of the House,” “The Apostle,” and “The Cookout.” “The Cookout” is now on DVD and features a quote from me on the jacket. I was actually mis-quoted, so don’t let it influence your decision in purchasing the DVD or renting it.

Fawcett was first diagnosed with cancer in October of 2006.  After treatment, she was told she was “cancer free” in February of 2007. The following taken from the LA Times: So when she found out that her cancer had returned in May 2007, she didn’t tell relatives and friends. “I set it up with the doctor,” she told Ornstein. “I said, ‘OK, you know and I know.’ . . . I knew that if it came out, it was coming from UCLA.” Within four days of her diagnosis, the news of her cancer was in the Enquirer. How sick is that?  The leaker, Lawanda Jackson, was paid $4,600 (in her husband’s name) by the National Enquirer. She pleaded guilty in December of the charges but died in March of cancer, before sentencing.

From her TV documentary, one might perceive that she was responsible for laws being established to prohibit people and / or employees from selling private and personal information to the press and media. In actuality, laws of this nature were being implemented and more sternly enforced in 2002, four years before she was even diagnosed with cancer. In 2008, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took action to enable the state to impose stiff fines on hospital employees who snoop in their patients’ files, months after California First Lady Maria Shriver was one of several celebrities whose privacy was invaded at UCLA Medical Center.

Nonetheless, Farrah Fawcett is without a doubt FUNKY. Her accomplishments, and presence in entertainment and pop-culture are paramount, and she’s one to be applauded. So hats off to you Farrah, you are definitely loved by this blogger, be blessed.


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