Kung Fu was FUNK on TV. From David Carradine to Bruce Lee to the Wu-Tang to Jet-Li to Ang Lee to QT aka Quentin Tarantino, the Martial Arts is steeped in FUNK. David Carradine’s death came as a shock to many.

David Carradine

Currently under investigation in Thailand, where he was shooting a new film, the cause of David’s death is unknown. What appears to be a suicide is questionable, as those who love him say he had everything to live for. My wife feels that maybe it wasn’t things he needed and that there could have been aspects of his life, that he didn’t feel was really living.

As to the FUNK of David Carradine, Kung Fu was the CSI of its day.  The practices and actions of the “Grasshopper” was all about doing good. Kung Fu was a positive program that expressed the importance of being independent. It denounced racism and taught the viewer the significance of discipline – That’s FUNKY.

I recall these lessons, just by reflecting on the essence of the show.  While I didn’t realize it completely as a child, it’s evident in hindsight.  I don’t even have to watch a repeat, but check out the clip below!

After the success of Kung Fu, Carradine had modest success throughout his film acting career. Some of his more noted performances were in the films: “Bound for Glory,” “Boxcar Bertha,” “Death Race 2000” and “Death Sport.”

David Carradine Posters

He was revered at his FUNKiest since Kung Fu, as the philosophical villain in Taratino’s, “Kill Bill” – Volumes 1 & 2.

Kill Bill Posters

David will be missed by family, friends and fans alike — R.I.P.


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