At the peak of his career, Willie Hutch, was a songwriter and producer for Motown Records. It’s his version of the Jackson 5 hit “I’ll Be There,” that many a funkateer came to know his sound for. In 1973, Hutch wrote the soundtrack for the FUNKALICIOUS flick “The Mack.” The album included the title track and the hit “Brothers Gonna Work It Out.”

Although the movie is a blaxploitation classic, the LP garnered more success and acclaim than the film. Maybe that’s why Willie’s face is karmically on the cover. Check out the trailer from “The Mack.”

The Mack


Two years later, Hutch did the soundtrack for the even more FUNKALICIOUS movie “Foxy Brown,” which starred Pam Grier.  The film’s opening credits were as steamy and FUNKY as the flick itself.

Foxy Brown


Hutch went on to release three more albums before doing the soundtrack for the Motown movie “The Last Dragon,” which starred the ever FUNKY Vanity – of Vanity 6 – in the lead role.

The Last Dragon

Willie dropped two more LPs in the 90s, “From the Heart” in 94 and “The Mack is Back” in 96. He released his last effort, “Sexalicious” in 2002.  Hutch passed away at his home on September 19th in Texas of 2005.  In short, Willie was FUNKY!!!

Willie Hutch


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