It’s been a minute since my last blog entry. As we approach the end of 2009, the year 2010 has got to be Funky! Chillin’ in my Brooklyn lair, I’m looking forward to the victories and new beginnings that 2010 will bring.

Bootsy Xmas

What’s funky in music today?

Sound wise, BEP and Lady Gaga, with an electronic edge – they really brought it in 2009 with their music. Sade’s new single “Soldier of Love” is Funky!!! If for nothing else, because it’s SADE!!!  In the realm of pop-culture, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” is a future standard.  This song is a new anthem for New York in the tradition of Frank Sinatra’s performance of “New York, New York” — THAT’S FUNKY!  Whitney Houston and Maxwell’s return with new releases was pretty Funky too.

Funked up stuff!

The deaths of Michael Jackson, Bea Arthur, John Hope Franklin, Brittnay Murphy, Frankie Manning, Viola Wills, Wayman Tisdale, KoKo Taylor, Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett. May their gifts forever be cherished.

Tiger Woods – hang in there brother, nuff said.

James Brown Funky Christmas

The Funkiest thing of ‘09 has got to be the fruition of George Clinton’s “Paint the White House Black.” I’m talking Barack Obama in the White House. I’m talking about the bill for universal health care being signed. I’m talking about how all good things for those who do good, manifesting in 2010!

More funk to come – Happy New Year! Keep it Funkalicious.


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