George Clinton walked the red carpet at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards for 2010. The living legend talked about his new album with fellow funk-a-teer Sly Stone. The dynamic duo are hoping the new CD is released this year, and Clinton announced that Stone recently got certain rights back to his classic catalog of music. Clinton stressed the importance of supporting the people that are devastated in Haiti and how he wants to do all he can to help them.

George Clinton And Wyclef Jean At The Grammies

There wasn’t a lot of FUNK music featured at this year’s award ceremony, but there were a few very FUNKY performances. Sir Elton John gave Lady Gaga his blessings and endorsement for the opening of the show. Elton is undoubtedly one noted for being an innovator in doing shows in extremely eccentric costumes. The Black Eyed Peas have gone from an underground hip-hop trio to one of the most brilliant pop collectives of all time. Amidst their success and ability to transform, they remain organic with all their technological use – they are indeed FUNKALICIOUS! Beyonce sang her hit “If I Were a Boy,” dropping in a little Alanis Morrisette mid performance. A brilliant Michael Jackson tribute showed that the beloved entertainer was a visionary and posed questions that we’ll long continue to ask. He was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award, that was accepted by his children. Lastly, Pink was amazing with the performance of her ballad – showing the world that she’s also quite the talented trapeze artist!!! She was TRULY FABULOUS!!!

Lady GaGa And Elton John At The Grammies

Black Eyed Peas At The Grammies

Beyonce At The Grammies

Michael Jackson At The Grammies

Pink At The Grammies

Pink At The Grammies 2


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