Sista ToFunky met Alex Hafner in January of this year and to my delight Alex is one of the Koolest Cats I ever met. We spent some time getting to know each other and we shared our love for FUNK and all things FUNKY.  Alex, who is from Germany, is a DJ and has a wealth of knowledge of R&B, Funk, Soul, Techno and more.

Alex Hafner grew up in Neu Ulm, in southern Germany, where he began working as a DJ at the tender age of 15. At that time he mostly played punk and EBM (Electronic Body Music), until he was exposed to hip hop, at 17. Knowing that most hip hop samples come from funk, soul, and jazz, Alex began listening to the original works—and a love affair began. While he continued to spin electronic music, especially trip hop, Alex always came back to his old favorites for, as he is quick to remind everyone: “Jazz is the teacher, and Funk is the preacher.”

Although he currently has a day job as a pharmaceutical representative, Alex continues to spin music and plan events for groups and individuals—such as his ongoing “Funk My Soul” event series— through his company:

The Museum of UnCut Funk is delighted to have Alex Hafner as a friend and a true fan of Blaxploitation film, music and all things FUNKY. To all members and fans of The Museum of UnCut Funk, when in Germany please check out Alex as he spins his tracks.

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