“Grabbing Life by the Balls” and “Let’s Blow this Joint!” There’s beauty in simplicity. Every time I see these ads I can’t help but chuckle. So cheesy, so blatantly falic, they just make me laugh.

Since I like Laura Linney, I’m looking forward to her new foray into television. An early fan of “Weeds,” I believe season two was the shows best yet. The ads for both these shows, as Showtime promotes “The Big C” and the sixth season of “Weeds,” are so suggestive. Mary Louise-Parker is the long green queen amidst a bush of men dressed in herbal green; while Linney wraps herself around two big balls of an hour glass, as sand passes through it, counting down her last days on earth. I’m planning to tune in to see how they play out. Liken to the new show “Hot in Cleveland,” Showtime is going with the old adage that sex sells! The day sex ain’t FUNKY, is the day I ain’t a Funk-A-Teer  ;-P


The Big C

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