I’m funkin’ pissed off about the new tactic that video games are using for their advertising. While I don’t knock anybody for playing video games, the new ad campaigns for them are deplorable.

First, they make you think it’s an ad for a new film. They’ve completely adopted the dynamics of movie posters for new games. Massive billboards are being strategically placed where new movie ads used to be. I don’t use the word “strategically” lightly or randomly, as EVERY new ad in this fashion is for a new war game or one immersed in violence. Now for the worst part, the characters are always dark in the ads. If they’re not black, they’re wearing dark clothing or camouflage or look black. If they don’t look black or are adorned in camouflage they’re dressed in some dark post Apocalyptic gear. War is not a game. Has the gaming industry made a deal with the Armed Forces to put the notion of war being fun into the minds of our children? WTF is going on? This crap FUNKIN’ sucks! I can’t be the only one who’s noticed. I could go on, but that’s the essence of my rant. The bottom line is the almighty dollar and conscious parenting. As long as parents allow or buy these despicable war games for their children, the gaming industry will continue to make them… and a boat load of money. It starts at home. Once a sense of values are instilled, its up to parents to do their best to encourage their children to “Be All That They Can Be,” not a walking facsimilie the Army. While this is not always the case, I have no remorse or delusions when I look in the mirror.

Check out this clip from the newest FUNK-a-Teer, Janelle Monae. The song is titled “Cold War.” If you didn’t know, you better ask somebody.

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