Why don’t people under 30 know how to park? OK, obviously a lot of them can park, but there’s a BUNCH of people that can’t.

Granted parallel parking has always been a BIT of a challenge for many, but it seems as though the majority of people under 25 don’t even want to learn. It used to be an accomplishnent to master the art of parallel parking. Now, the younger the driver, the more they do to avoid this simple task. Drivers rather just pull into a space, or they need someone to direct them every step of the way.

I was driving a vehicle while on a job recently. The brother assisting drivers – providing instruction and/ or direction for available parking spaces – actually asked me if I knew how to park. I replied “Yes,” but wondered why he was asking. When I arrived at the designated spot, I saw that it required a skilled driver to park in the space. It was tight, but it was by no means difficult.

The gentleman that posed the question, is used to working with people who simply have trouble parking – or worse, don’t know how. How did these people pass the DMV test? Newer drivers just don’t seem to care about being ABLE to parallel park. On one hand, I guess newer drivers make less of an effort, because car manufacturers implement automatic paralell parking in the mechanism of the car. On the other hand, it lends to adhering to the lazy nature of too many people, by not making drivers learn how to park.

This is FUNKED UP! If you drive, you should know how to park.

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