Doing interviews with Teena Marie was an absolute highlight of my career in music. Having spoken to Rick James at least three times, chatting with her, was like adding to the anatomy of my body of FUNK encounters. While most females recognized in the genre of FUNK, are considered to be R&B artists, one can not deny the FUNKessential contributions of Teena Marie.

The day we met, we both felt as though we had met before. Adorned in a fabulous full-length red fox fur, having been a furrier, I complimented her on the garment. She immediately admitted that she got it from the Ritz Thrift shop.  A store that’s been around for years, her confession, professed that this was a woman without pretense. We talked for over an hour. This is the first interview I did with her via telephone. I was the first one she told about the birth of her hit song titled “Fire and Desire” with Rick.

Teena Marie Album Covers


    • c-dub
      December 18, 2010

      Awesome video bro – look for it on a sister blog, right here, on The Museum of Un-Cut Funk

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