When I was afforded the privilege to speak to Curtis Mayfield, it wasn’t until after his near fatal accident at Brooklyn’s Wingate Field. As he spoke to us in a reclined position, everyone present at the roundtable discussion felt blessed to be there.

He talked about his music of yesteryear and how it was still relevant today. Although it was 1997, thirteen years later, his music is still poignant even today and will continue to be, thirty years from now. He was so grateful for us having an interest in wanting to speak with him, while we were nothing but honored to be in the presence of a legend.

One who began with the group The Impressions, performing such hits as “People Get Ready,” “It’s All Right,” and “Keep On Pushing,” the group released just shy of 20 LPs. Noted as a Civil Rights leader through his actions and SOUL music, the essence of FUNK for Curtis’ music, was exemplified through the soundtrack for the movie “Superfly.” Other soundtracks written and produced by Curtis include “Sparkle,” “Claudine,” and “A Piece of the Action.”

Mayfield recorded over 20 solo albums during his near 40 year career in music. He was also one of the first singer/ songwriter / musicians to have his own label, Curtom Records. Mayfield told us he had the rights to his own publishing since the age of 17, as he learned early on although you may have to pay dues, you have to pay yourself.


Keep FUNK Alive!!!


  • October 6, 2011

    LOVE THE PIC! I am currently doing a series on Curtis Mayfield on my radio show. You can see what we’ve played so far at http://www.thisisafterthafire.com – just look at the playlists over the last month. I am working on doing stuff from his solo-career now. Do you have any references you can direct me to on background on the song We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue? And also – do you have any suggestions for songs to play off his later albums? (Post Back To The World)

  • Cherilynne A. Fox
    June 14, 2019

    God bless you Mr. Mayfield I’ve always enjoyed your class and style of music. I pray you many blessings and awesome health! INTNOJ

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