The Museum of UnCut Funk is all about celebrating the power of THE FUNK and of 1970’s Black Culture. As we continue to provide information on one of the most powerful and productive decades in Black history, we also want to pay homage those those who passed this year who were major players during this period and beyond.

As the year 2010 closes and southern states in the U.S, continue to rewrite our history, The Museum of UnCut Funk proudly acknowledges the civil and human rights, public service, music and art achievements that these great Black Americans gave to the world.

All of your hard work and service was not done in vain…Rest in Peace.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk honors:

  • Percy Sutton – Politician
  • Juanita Goggins – Legislator
  • Manute Bol – Athlete and Humanitarian
  • Paul R. Jones – Major Collector of African American Art
  • Teena Maria – Funk, R & B Singer
  • Lena Horne – Singer and Actress
  • Janet MacLachian – Actress
  • Gary Coleman – Actor
  • Jefferson Thomas – Little Rock Nine
  • Teddy Pendergrass – R&B Singer
  • Vonetta McGee – Actress
  • Benjamin Hooks – Civil Right Activist
  • Abbey Lincoln – Jazz Singer
  • Albertina Walker – Opera Singer
  • Soloman Burke – Soul Singer
  • Dorothy Height – Civil Rights Activist


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