I actually had the fortune to have met Al Green, the first time I interviewed him. As it was in the latter 90s when I conducted it, the living legend was already extremely accomplished by that time. He reflected on his beginnings in music and spoke of his early days in the studio with Willie Mitchell.

Al Green

He talked to me about the inspirations for many of his hits and his spiritual journey of being born again and becoming a minister. A modest man, he bears no responsibility for anyone who claims to be conceived from his music, but recounts once meeting a stewardess who made such a claim.

The photo below was taken when I first met Al Green, I speak of that meeting at the top of the interview. When he saw me, he thought I may have interviewed him before, I looked familiar to him.

Al Green continues to record music today and has been the recipient for Grammy Awards as recently as 2009. He took home honors for BEST R & B PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP WITH VOCALS
 for “Stay With Me (By The Sea),”
 which featured John Legend; AND BEST TRADITIONAL R&B VOCAL PERFORMANCE for “You’ve Got The Love I Need,” that features Anthony Hamilton. Both songs were taken from his CD “Lay It Down.”

Peace and Love

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