There’s a film titled “Kings of the Evening” airing on STARZ right now! If you miss it, it’s also available for purchase via Amazon, and it’s worth every penny. Set during the “Great Depression,” it stars Tyson Beckford, who’s also one of the films Executive Producers.

Beckford portrays “Homer Hobbs,” a young man just out of jail looking for a fresh start. Temptation presents itself, but his guardian angel of sorts “Benny,” played by Reginald T. Dorsey saves him and keeps him moving forward. Homer soon finds himself as a boarder at “Gracie’s” house, where he meets “Lucy” and “Clarence,” and life begins to start looking up. Gracie, played by the fabulous Lynn Whitfield, assumes a maternal role in Homer’s life as he is unable to find his own mom after being released from prison. Clarence, played by veteran actor Glynn Turman takes on the role of an uncle-like figure; and Lucy, played by Linara Washington, is the love interest. All the characters become an extended family, who on occasion make a visit to the “Social Club,” where the “King of the Evening” is crowned.

The “King of the Evening” is a man among his peers, who will once a week on Sunday night, present himself adorned in his finest garments in hopes of taking the coveted title. The ‘King’ is determined by not only what he wears, but how he wears it and presents himself to “The Judge.” A movie that’s dedicated to a black man being the best he can be, “Kings of the Evening” is a film not to be missed. Written and directed by Andrew P. Jones, it features incredible images, a great script, brilliant actors, impeccable lighting, costuming and cinematography. The film also features performances from LaRita Shelby, James Russo and Bruce McGill. This is bar none one of the best films about black culture and the value of tradition, to come along in a long while. So do yourself a favor and check it out. 

…for the love of film

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