There’s simply not enough garbage cans on the streets of New York City.  When you consider the number of residents in New York alone, add the innumerable amount of tourists in NYC year round, the trash cans needed throughout the city simply don’t add up.

Pictured below is a trash can in mid-town, by midday:

This can is adjacently across the street from that one.

By 2:00 pm trash cans around the city are full. I genuinely believe there are millions of people who consciously choose not to litter. However, if you’re out and about, even if you want to throw trash in a can, your options are limited. You may see one or two every other block – in some neighborhoods – but by dusk (if not before) trash cans around the city are overflowing w/ garbage.

Some genius in the Mayor’s office thought reducing the lanes on NYC streets; creating exclusive turning lanes and building islands for people to sit or park in the middle of the street was a great idea… WRONG – the infrastructure of the city was already congested enough, random concrete islands in an already existing concrete jungle, just makes it tighter and more difficult to get around – “It makes no sense” (B. Obama).

So this is an open letter to the Mayor’s office, my fellow citizens of New York and the folks in waste management – We need more trash cans people. Can those in charge of New York’s garbage get a clue and put more trash receptacles on the street? EVERYWHERE, not just where members of the valued 1% pay their taxes. New York City streets can be as clean as the streets of Philly, LA or Chicago. We just need More Garbage Cans – CAN WE GET MORE TRASH CANS PLEASE?!?!? In hopes of starting a conversation to make a cleaner difference.


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