Great soundtrack to the long lost 1970′s Blaxploitation movie Soul Ecstasy.

With a plot containing such volatile content as The Black Panthers collaborating with the Red Chinese, young girls kidnapped and sold to Hong Kong bordellos, Soul Ecstasy didn’t get much of a theatrical run before it was closed down by ‘The Man’.

Sadly, the only existing print of the movie was destroyed in a fire, but the master tapes of the soundtrack were tracked down and have been released for the first time. Or at least that is what I have read…

There is some controversy surrounding this soundtrack and whether the movie was actually produced or whether this whole story is a hoax and the soundtrack a fake…

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  • March 29, 2014

    There’s gotta be one human being left alive on this planet who actually remembers the film, if in fact it was real.
    As far as the soundtrack it wreaks of 70’s soul but…
    So does the Remy Shand (From Canada) single CD release.
    In fact if this is a fake it is clearly Remy, a Canadian White Soul singer who volounteered his vocals for the main title.
    Remy’s story is a sad one from what I have read, he was supposed to be the next hot ticket coming out of Motown and for some reason it vanished into the abyss.
    Check it out.

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