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Blaxploitation culture occupies a special place in the wider public consciousness, not only in the U.S. but around the world. During the 1970‘s, Black action and adventure movies were distributed internationally in several countries.

To see Blaxploitation movie posters from all over the world, and more posters from East Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Poland click on the links. More posters from other countries from the collection will be posted in the near future.

The continued worldwide cult popularity of Blaxploitation movies has prompted the opening of nostalgic dance clubs like Shaft in London, retro-chic in the clothing industry and the re-release on CD of much of the exciting original soundtrack music from Blaxploitation movies. Blaxploitation celebrations continue to happen all over the globe.

Soul of Black Movie

In 2003, the Soul of Black Movie book was published in Japanese.

The 256 page book features the extensive collection of a Japanese Blaxploitation movie memorabilia collector, which includes movie posters, lobby cards, flyers, movie stills, soundtrack albums, animation, figurines and apparel.


When his Parisian armored car holdup goes horribly awry, the protagonist Black needs to go on the lam. News from his cousin in Senegal about a stash of uncut diamonds in a poorly guarded bank in Dakar hatches the plan to go on a working vacation that involves a little sightseeing and a lot of mayhem. Underground French MC Jean Gab’1, the villain in the film District B-13, takes center stage in BLACK and delivers a nouveau-Blaxploitation adventure awash in, black magic, African mysticism, mutant arms dealers, gargantuan machete-wielding mercenary armies and a truckload. The animated opening is very cool. Might want to brush up on your Francais though…

The Museum of UnCut Funk will continue to keep tabs on what’s happening around the world.


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