Japan Digs Blaxploitation!

The Japanese have always had a fondness for Black culture. Blaxploitation films were a huge hit in Japan and have continued to be, so much so, that one of the largest collections of Blaxploitation memorabilia is owned by a Japanese man. He has catalogued his collection in a book called The Soul of Black Movie!

The Soul of Black Movie book was published in Japan and is written entirely in Japanese. however, for purveyors of Blaxploitation memorabilia this book is a must have.

The posters shown below were released in Japan along with the films they promoted during the 1970’s. The artwork and actor depictions on these posters are very different than the U.S. versions, highlighting how Blaxploitation films were marketed in the U.S. vs. the rest of the world.

A number of these posters are a part of the Museum Of UnCut Funk Collection.


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