I started collecting movie posters from Blaxploitation and all Black films from the 1970‘s because I love these films. I also love the illustrated artwork that was used to create these posters. Poster illustration has become a lost art form, as today’s posters utilize photography.

The uniqueness of the illustrations is what makes these posters highly collectible and increasingly more valuable. The poster images, similar to the story lines of the films themselves, reflect what was happening in the Black community at the time. So they are as historically important as they are beautiful.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk Collection consists of over 700 Blaxploitation movie posters from the around the world. Below is a small sampling of the original movie posters that are a part of the collection. I have selected a range of posters that show how Blacks were portrayed one way via this art form in the U.S. and differently in European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. For more specifics on Blaxploitation posters from the U.S.East Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Poland click on the links. I will add more posters from the collection in the near future.

Sista ToFunky
Museum Of UnCut Funk

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  • December 18, 2017

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