The TIME has released some new music! One of the best bands of the past 30 years, their re-entry to music is a welcome presence. People always want to FUNK! They say the third TIME’s a charm.

The Time’s first two releases, a self-titled album and “What Time Is It?”, featured The Original 7ven released in 1981 and ’82 respectively. The band (slightly altered) released “Ice Cream Castle” in 1984, and went on hiatus until 1990, when they dropped “Pandemonium.

“Now the guys are back with some new music! Under the banner The Original 7ven, they introduced their first single for purchase online. Titled “#Trendin” the “Original 7ven” are in rare form. The CD, “Condensate,” is bringing a sonic force that long-time fans of the Original 7ven are sure to love as well as those that are new to them. The song “Strawberry Lake” has the flavor of Sly & the Family Stone, which even drops the line “Hot Fun in the Summertime.”

The tunes “Faithful,” “GoHomeToYoMan” and “Lifestyle” bring the listener classic Morris Day pimpology with the assistance of his valet Jerome on the latter. The cuts “AYDKMN,” “One Step” and “Toast to the Party Girl” feature a fantastic display of Jesse Johnson’s talent as a guitarist, and are reminiscent of previous hits from The Time. The album also features “If I Was Yo Man.” “Faithful,” and “Hey Yo.” You can see the video for “#Trendin” and a collection of their hit videos on their official website at: or just check it out below:

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