You want some raw adult comix shit! Then this is da shit. It’s so raw I’m speechless. These motherfuckers, in the comix book, are straight out of the 1970’s and they forgot to grow up.

From The Curator’s collection The Museum of UnCut Funk presents The Real Deal Comix…issues 1,3,4,5,6. Issues 2 is sold out and damn near impossible to find.

Real Deal 1
Urban Terror is the violence that occurs everyday in the urban centers of America. The stories tell the struggles of the poverty stricken,  street educated individuals to bring and do harm to each other for share survival. Each and every one of their disputes ends up with acts of mayhem. These people live on the edge of a precipice with a kill or be killed foundation.
In an Urban Terror story simple everyday events such as using a public restroom, buying postage stamps, or checking out a library book, can turn into a bloody massacre. Nothing, not even threat of a painful violent death, can deter these people from a confrontation. Our stories reflex this anarchic lifestyles with graphic realism tinged with a slight bit of levity.

Most comic strip writers tend to ignore the subject of Urban Terror or totally ignorant of it. We bask in it’s light of honest and truth.

Source: Beastie Museum, Comic Comic Blog and Real Deal Comix


Real Deal 2

Real Deal 3

Real Deal 4

The Comic Blog Report

Real Deal 5
R. D. Bone and Lawrence Hubbard are a couple of black, thirty-something comic book collectors and b-movie aficionados. R.D. has processed hair, chews a toothpick, wears shades at night, and looks like Ted Lange. Lawrence is built like Chubb Rock, sounds like an AM disc jockey, laughs like a king and wears funky acid-wash Jeans or Zubaz-Buttafuoco beachcombers. In other words, they’re the type of likeable, giggling maniacs you’d expect to be responsible for The Real Deal, the most outrageous comic book to appear in a long time, perhaps ever.

The first issue came out in March of 1990 and it was only this past spring thatissue #2 finally surfaced. But believe us, it was not only worth the wait…the wait was absolutely necessary because shit like this should come out only so often.

For those of you who need a comparison: The Real Deal is like a cross between a Funkadelic album cover and an Iceberg Slim novel.

Description source: The Comic Blog.

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