Tyrese Gibson tweeted recently: “I have officially secured the life rights to the life story of Teddy Pendergrass, my inspiration. This movie will be made…”  People are already saying he can’t pull it off…  to those haters, there’s still hope for you 😉 I’m not even a Tyrese fan, but say CONGRATULATIONS!

I’ve always thought his acting chops were stronger than his singing, but his passion is really for music. I believe that with proper direction that he COULD pull it off.  Getting it made, it’s the film game… he just announced that he got the rights, it could take ten years before the film sees the light of day or production even starts.  Gibson has said that he’d love for Lee Daniels to direct the film, but there’s been no official talks as yet.  Tyrese doing Teddy today, Maybe… Tyrese as Teddy in 10 years, I think so – I’m not wishing that it takes him that long, but could see it more then, than now, ya know…


We have to support the endeavors of our entertainers, peers and colleagues in order for all our dreams to manifest.  I had the fortune to speak with Mr. Pendergrass on a couple of occasions, you can hear our chats here:







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