By Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee


Do you believe President Obama needs a Congress that will work together and get our economy moving in the right direction? After watching Republican obstruction on nearly every piece of legislation, it’s time we take a stand to have President Obama’s back.

There is too much at stake in this Election to only vote for President Obama and skip Congress.

President Obama will need Democrats to regain control of the House in order to move his agenda forward. We’ve witnessed the blatant stall tactics of House Republicans and the Tea Party when it comes to moving our economy forward. House Republicans have made their intentions loud and clear: to make Barack Obama a one term president. We cannot allow that to happen. Voter must go to the polls to not only reelect President Obama but to vote down the ballot to elect House Democrats to support President Obama in his second term.

If Republicans maintain control of the House, we’ll see much of the same political bickering while Americans families are left to fin for themselves. Congress is obliged to legislate in the best interest of the public, instead Republicans have been more concerned with scoring partisan political points. Under this Republican controlled House, we’ve seen political games at its best. For the first time in American History, Republicans overwhelmingly voted to bring contempt charges against one of the President’s sitting Cabinet members (Attorney General Eric Holder). The House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi called the unprecedented vote a “heinous act”, and the New York Times said “The Republicans shamelessly turned what should be a routine matter into a pointless constitutional confrontation”, further proving Republicans obstruction and abuse of power. This Republican Congress has chosen partisanship allegiance instead of tackling the challenges for Americans- facing unemployment, record housing foreclosures, and a slow recovering economy. House Republicans have gone out of their way to obstruct President Obama at the expense of the economy, the middle class, and American families struggling through tough economic times. It’s time for that to end. In order to have President Obama’s back, we need to elect more Democrats to the House of Congress. “Have his Back” means just that, reelect President Obama but make sure you ‘have his back’ by voting down ballot to send Democrats to Congress.

Join me in voting Democrat down the ballot to have President Obama’s back because:

• Congressional Republicans have one single goal: to make Barack Obama a one term president. The Republican Leader of the U.S. Senate actually said it publically on TV.

• Republicans and their millionaire and corporate supporters are part of a broken system in Washington that favors scoring political points over making progress on the economy, and looking out for millionaires, big oil, and companies that ship jobs overseas instead of the middle class.

• If President Obama says it, Republicans in Congress oppose it. They don’t even read important legislation that affects our lives before voting on it.

• This election is about who you are for — and I’m for President Obama and the Democrats for Congress who have his back. Don’t skip Congress!

Ready to get involved? Go to and make sure you’re supporting President Obama and Democratic candidates who support him.

Make sure your family, friends, neighbors, and others “Have his Back” by voting Democrat down the ballot on Election Day.

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