Just How Dumb Is This Guy, Mitt The Twit???

Just How Dumb Is This Guy, Mitt The Twit???

I have seen enough gaffes from Mitt “Mittens” Romney to have to ask the question out loud – just how dumb is this guy? Is he Dubya dumb or Pailin dumb or a franken-combination of both? I am beginning to think that he is double fisted dumb. And the Republicans have the nerve to talk about how Obama has handled International affairs???

I think Bugs Bunny put it best…

“Mitt The Twit” has taken stupid to a whole new global level. Embarasing does not even begin to cover it. Here are some of Mitten’s greatest hits, his #romneyshambles highlight reel, starting with offending the Brits on their management of the London Olympics.


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