Exactly what is Romney hiding? He provided 23 years of tax returns to John McCain when he was being vetted for VP. But McCain choose Sarah Palin because he felt she was the better candidate, and we all know how well that turned out. So what exactly did McCain find in his review of Romney’s tax returns that made him choose the crazy chick from Wasilla? Hmmm….I wonder.

If I had to guess, I suspect that Mitten’s hasn’t paid any taxes in a minute. Or maybe he has too many financial bodies buried in offshore accounts. We will probably never know the truth about this guys finances. Mitten’s has put his foot down and is not releasing more than two years of returns because he doesn’t want to give Obama any ammunition to shoot him with. What kind of rationale is that? His wife feels that they have given “you people” enough information already. What kind of snobby, elitist crap is that? They have basically admitted that there are land mines hidden in their financial paperwork that are waiting to explode. I guess they figure it is better to evade and ignore than be to honest with the American people. Fellow Republicans, however, do not agree.

Neither does Harry Reid:

Now Romney’s choice for VP, Paul Ryan, mister budget and finance, has decided to only release two years of his tax returns. And they have the nerve to demand that the President show more documentation, after he has already released 12 years of tax returns? You have got to be kidding me.

Now what is this “Son Of Boss” tax scandal? Hmmm….

Doesn’t this just piss you off? I don’t think this is in the least bit fair.

This is too funny, sad, but funny…Mitt Romney, get your hand out of my pocket.

A few images that convey my sentiment:

Mittens we are not going to let you off the hook. Release the tax returns already!

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