This past June marked the third anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.  As his birthday approaches I’m reminded that I still miss him.  He wasn’t a relative, but I grew up with him throughout my life.  I don’t believe you ever stop missing the ones you love, you just learn to live with it.

Amazing Miracles and Wonderful Music is for Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Michael Joseph Jackson and Whitney Elizabeth Houston.  A few weeks ago, Aaliyah popped into my head as the anniversary of her death is approaching.  Thinking of her brought Whitney and Amy to mind… as much as I enjoy and love all their music and appreciate the legacy they’ve left behind, aspects of my spirit will always be haunted or sad because of how they departed.

Aaliyah’s Amazing light was just snatched without warning…












The Miraculous Michael’s last performance on stage was truly his UK press conference, where he announced his tour would be his “Final curtain call”…

















Whitney’s Wonderful new movie “Sparkle” debuted among the top-five at the box office for its opening week.  Starring American Idol Jordin Sparks, Houston originally had Aaliyah in mind for the role when she first acquired the rights to remake the film.  Houston’s performance in “Sparkle” is her best work ever on the silver screen.  Her fourth appearance in a movie, her debut was in “The Bodyguard” opposite Kevin Costner.  It was followed by the films “Waiting to Exhale,” which featured an ensemble cast and a remake of “The Preacher’s Wife,” that also starred Oscar Award winning actor Denzel Washington.

















For anyone else missing Michael, be on the look out for the upcoming “BAD” celebration commemorating 25 years since the album’s release, in a matter of days… Check out this website for details and merchandise:









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