I was reminded last night as I listened to our First Lady Michelle Obama deliver an earth shatteringly amazing speech at the 2012 DNC convention how brilliant she is. You know that she is smart because she is heavily credentialed, with double Ivy League degrees from Princeton and Harvard, the latter being a law degree. But what struck me as I listened to her speak is that she really is in a totally different league.


Her style, beauty, grace, articulateness, eloquence, confidence and heart completely took over the room, mesmerizing the delegates and the entire TV audience that watched her. I was extremely proud of our First Black First Lady, who is currently one of the most popular Democrats in the country and one of the most popular women in the world.

Her husband, Barack Obama, The First Black President Of The United States, is no less brilliant, credentialed, accomplished or in a league of his own. Together they are the Black power couple of the century. Their love for and support of each other is to be envied. They have unapologetically made raising their children their number one priority. They have set an awesome example and represented this country in a manner that should make every American, especially every Black American extremely proud.

During the 1980′s the entire nation was caught up in The Cosby show, present company included. Black folks cheered for the revolutionary imagery presented by The Huxtables. This fictional two parent Black family showed the country that we are intelligent, successful, hard working professionals that are also nurturing, loving home owners who take care of our families. Finally, the rest of the country would see a different, more positive side of the Black experience in this country. Fast forward a couple of decades and the entire world gets to see a real two parent Black family that embodies all of these positive attributes and more. They just happen to live at the best address in the country, The White House. I personally would like to see the Obama family continue to represent our country so honorably as The First Family for four more years. I intend to do all that I can to help make this happen.

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