Here is the full video of the first Presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, held October 3, 2012. I think that it was Obama’s strategy to rope-a-dope and not give Romney an opening to explain away (e.g. LIE, DENY, EVADE, SHAPE-SHIFT) all of his offensive and out of touch comments, gaffes and policy positions to millions of people with so much time left on the clock before the election. Now Republican money stays invested behind the top of the ticket, does not get diverted to the down ticket races. See where I am going with this…

Hey, it worked for Ali. They don’t call him THE GREATEST for nothing. The Obama team had to see the biggest flip flop in history coming. Decided to keep Romney in a narrow enough box so he could not completely re-invent himself for the constituencies that are most important to the Presidents’ re-election. By not bringing up the 47%, the war on women, the racist voter suppression effort, the fight against the dream act or any of the other truly abhorrent things that are going on in the Republican party right now that Romney has either remained silent on or endorsed, he gains no ground in these areas on the national stage. Get it? But that is just my opinion. Keep in mind that Obama plays the long game better than any one else. So keep watching…and VOTE!!!

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