Wow, what a difference two weeks makes. I did not dump on the President after the first debate, like the rest of the world did. BUT, I must admit that I prefer the man who came out in the second debate swinging on the first question, kept spanking his opponent for 90 minutes, went in for the uncontested 47% death blow at the very end, and dropped the mic on the stage on the way out. That is the man that I voted for and will get my support for four more years. To continue with my Ali analogies, Barack is a “Baaad man”.

These two pictures tell the story.

Here is the video of the complete debate.

Similar to the first debate when the attack on Big Bird was one of the most memorable takeaways, from the second debate it has to be “A Binder Full Of Women”. I have to say that I continue to be impressed with the deliciously sarcastic sense of humor of the twitter and the facebook universe…they never dissapoint. Check out a few of the best creations below, the twitter hashtag #bindersfullofwoman and the tumblr that was created after the debate For a more serious look at Romney’s policies on women check out

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