“Django Unchained” is everything a Quentin Tarantino fan expects it to be — Don’t miss it.  It stars Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Waltz.

django1After a recent screening, Tarantino talked about how his favorite “Spaghetti Western” film director is Sergio Corbucci, who did a film called “Django” back in the day.  He also talked about how Hollywood casting directors miss on so many actors that he uses in his movies, because they don’t seek thespians beyond the current hot sheet of talent.  “There are so many actors that I want to work with,” says Quentin.  “Django Unchained” also features Don Johnson, Bruce Dern and Franco Nero, who starred in the “Django” of 1966.

Quentin was joined by producer Reginald Hudlin, the man behind favorites like “House Party”, “Boomerang” and “The Ladies Man.”  Hudlin loved the idea of a slave turned bounty hunter and was all in when Quentin told him the idea.  The two of them met after QT did “Jackie Brown,” that starred Pam Grier.  “Django Unchained” does for Texas and the old west what “Inglorious Bastards” did for WWII Nazi Germany.  It’s a Christmas delight ;-)!!!  This is not a spoiler alert, just a heads up and assurance that those waiting, can expect full Tarantino Testosterone for the holidays.

The theme song is Luis Bacalov’s “His Name Was King,” the iconic title track that was used in Sergio Corbucci’s “Django.”  Music from RZA and the legendary Ennio Morricone, who scored Sergio Leone’s epic “Spagheti Weaterns” starring Clint Eastwood, also have music in the film.  The soundtrack includes songs from Anthony Hamilton, James Brown, Rick Ross, John Legend and Jim Croce.  At this point Tarantino has a fantastic body of work where he’s taken the helm, penned or produced.  So what’s next for the director?  “I think I might try my hand at the horror genre,” says Quentin.  I for one will be looking forward to that, as well as “Kill Bill” Volume 3, which has been “announced.”  “Django Unchained” hits the silver screen on December 25th.  UPDATE 2015:  Tarantino’s Western, “The Hateful Eight” starring Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson, is set for release in January of 2016.











A link on how characters in Tarantino films are connected…  http://www.ifc.com/fix/2015/02/tarantino-guide-shared-universe




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