I was fortunate to be turned on to the mind of Marshall McLuhan by my wife Kimberly.  A man who was able to grasp the dynamics of media and convey his thoughts to the masses, if one is able to accept the truth, the answers you discover can be enlightening.

I decided to post a lecture from the educator for those who have time and may be inclined to take in a view regarding the FUNK OF MEDIA and absorb a state of consciousness, different from the one that’s being impressed upon you every day.  It’s vital that in these times more than ever that we’re aware of the aspects of media that influence our decision making process on a daily basis.  You can read more about McLuhan on the website dedicated to him below, however, I encourage you to start with the lecture, then dig deeper if you’re so inclined — and go slow… the funk of Mcluhan goes deep — Enjoy!




One of the most noted displays of the depth and significance of McLuhan’s influence and validity is displayed in the classic movie “Annie Hall” from Woody Allen.  It starred the director along with Diane Keaton, here’s the clip:


Here’s that site: http://www.marshallmcluhan.com

Marshall in Media

For the FUNKIN’ Need to Spread the Word


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