There’s a gross misinterpretation continually growing that texting is talking… IT’S NOT!!!  What it is, is a method for millions of people not to talk, often because they don’t want a human exchange.  It’s a means of expression that can’t be immediately challenged, disputed or debated.  It’s a way of communication that many use because they think they’re slick, when in reality THOSE people are socially inept or illiterate.  You ain’t foolin’ nobody.

I can express this because not only have I seen it, but I constantly witness it first hand, I’ve done it myself.  However, it becomes problematic when it’s the ONLY form of communication you use.  This actual dis-connect of pretending you’re connecting will ultimately bite you in the ass because somewhere along the line of communication those hiding behind texting will have to face their fear, whatever it is.  Karma is karma m*therfucker, and karma’s a m*therfucker when you don’t face reality.  Texting for many is avoiding reality and the inevitable necessary verbal or face-to-face interaction that will be required after all your bullshit texting.Texting photo  A text is a message, not an avenue for a dissertation that you don’t have the guts to relay for whatever reason.  One to three sentences is all you should be sending when texting someone, a message longer than that is an e-mail.  CAN I GET SOME TECH ETIQUETTE PLEASE!!!  I don’t have time to be scrolling through my phone reading your excessively long text, I Don’t Want To.  If a text is so long that it results in (4 of 4) messages it’s TOO DAMN LONG.  PICK UP THE PHONE BITCH – WTF! CALL ME!  You are obviously going to have to have that conversation eventually. “There’s No Time Like the Present” but “Better Late Than Never” right, just get it over with coward, stop wasting time and convey what it is that needs to be said.  Maybe that’s it… maybe excessive texters don’t really have sh*t to say… That’s It!!!  Any one who I have gotten a ridiculously long text from, doesn’t really have anything of substance they really need to relay, it’s been some transient superficial information.  Something pertaining to an issue, not an emotion, hence it can be an inhumane form of communication.

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A friend was visiting not long ago.  We were sitting in the kitchen catching up, having snacks and cocktails.  “I gotta talk to my mother,” she said, we continued to converse while I cooked, made fresh drinks.  “Okay I just talked to my mother, things are going to be fine” — Huh?  From the time she expressed she needed to “talk” to her mother, to the moment she said she did, the only words that were spoken were between she, myself and the third person that was present. She never made a call, hence, she did NOT TALK to her mother.  Now, I don’t say whatever it was she needed to resolve or determine didn’t get done, but it wasn’t executed by talking to her mother.  Texting Your MomI actually can’t talk to my mother, only recall the lessons she taught me because she’s physically no longer among us.  So when a person says they have to talk to their mother, it’s my personal opinion, that you should TALK to your mother, not text her.  I could go on, but to the astute and aware — those I’m speaking to — this more than says it.  Go ahead and text as much as you want if that’s how you have to get it done, but don’t call it talking.


for the love of communication



Texting @ Dinner

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  • Michelle
    August 1, 2013

    OMG! I could not have written it better myself. Good job brother. I sue hope my young adults read this.

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