LeA Robinson celebrated her 20th birthday last night with a live performance and the debut of her video for the smash single “Higher.”  Dressed in a form fitting white jumpsuit, Robinson sang her songs “Don’t Mess with My Love,” “Flowers and Candy,” and “Higher”, at the event sponsored by RHM Management and Legacy House Entertainment (LHE).  We had a chat with LeA about her new music — here’s what she shared about her forthcoming CD “808’s & Leggings.”

LeA's Birthday Photo

Q: How long did it take you to do this Album?

A: “This album took me about 5 and a half months to complete.  I grew so much from this process and I haven’t felt more proud to introduce the world to ‘808’s & Leggings’.”

Q: Tell us about the lead single?

A: “The single ‘Higher’ is a breath of fresh air.  I literally feel like I birthed a music baby into the world (laughs).  No matter how many times I listen to it, it still gives me the same feeling I felt while recording it; happiness and joy.”

Q: Is there a video for it?

A: “Yes, the video for ‘Higher’ is absolutely amazing.  I had a great director, Erica D Hayes who was able to capture my vision for the song so beautifully and turn my thoughts into a visual.  I’m super excited for the world to see (it).”LeA at Birthday Showcase

Q: What do you want people and your fans to get from this CD – how do you want them to receive it?

A: “My fans already have a slight idea of who I am based on my tweets, video posts on Vine and Keek, YouTube webisodes, etc… but I’ve always been very cautious with what I chose to let them see about my personal life.  With ‘808’s & Leggings’, I’m completely carefree, open and vulnerable.  It allows people to see who LeA Robinson really is.”

Q: What’s on the horizon for live performances?  Where and When?

A: “My goal for each performance is to get better and better and turn it up more and more each time I touch a stage.   My upcoming show consists of a performance of my single ‘Higher’ (just prior to set @ Iguana in NYC) as well as lots of interaction with the audience.  I’m super excited and blessed to be where I am.

Tangier (LHE),  LeA  and  Vida Nash (RHM)

Tangier (LHE), LeA and Vida Nash (RHM)

LeA w/ bro & momLeA’s mom and brother were in attendance for the bash, as well as folks from BET Music Matters, Columbia Records and WBLS.  Her CD “808’s & Leggings” was produced by the lady herself along with her long time friend and collaborator Kyle Stewart II, better known as “K2.”K2

LeA's Birthday Showcase Flyer



For those who may not be aware, LeA Robinson is the granddaughter of musical legend Sylvia Robinson.  Sylvia Robinson and her husband Joe, founded Sugar Hill Records SugarHill Recordsin 1979.  Some of the acts that released songs on the label include: 8th Wonder, Busy Bee, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, The Treacherous Three, Spoonie Gee, Melle Mel and Sequence, that featured Angie Stone.  The most popular group on the label was the one that bared the imprints name, The Sugar Hill Gang.  Mrs. Robinson did the hit songs “Love is Strange,” a duet w/ Mickey Baker and a solo release titled “Pillow Talk,” back in the day, among several notable favorites.


Sylvia’s legacy is alive and well, as it lives through the spirit of LeA, who’s poised and ready to bring her music to the world.  For more on LeA Robinson and to keep up and follow her so you get to hear her new music and the single “Higher” — check out the following websites:  http://leanettarobinson.tumblr.com;  https://twitter.com/TheLeARobinson;  https://www.facebook.com/iAmLeARobinson


All for the Love of Sylvia, her Legacy and LeA



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