One of the best Christmas presents I have ever received is a turntable.  In fact, every turntable I’ve ever owned, was a Christmas present.  The first one was from my mom.  It was a Hi-Fi Stereo component, with adjusting speeds for 33 LPs; 78s; and 45s.  The gift was accompanied by the first album I ever owned too — “Imagination” from Gladys Knight and the Pips!  A very popular LP at the time, it featured the songs “Midnight Train to Georgia”, “Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” and “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination,” a song that to this day, still inspires me. 

The motor on my compact stereo eventually died and I tossed the unit.  The second turntable I got was a new fangled SONY brand in the 80s from a dear friend who was inspired by my love of music.  This one ejected, you put on the disc and reloaded it with vinyl; there was a beam of light inside that illuminated on the stylus.  Pretty cool, although fancy, not the greatest quality, but it played my records — so I was happy.  TurntableI was living in Harlem just before the beginning of the crack era Curtis record label— my apartment got broken in to, my turntable and my cassette tape recorder were both stolen.  At one point, I even had personalized labels made, to stick on the label of my records.

My third and current turntable was bestowed upon me by my wife two Christmas’ ago.  A Crosley, I can actually transfer my vinyl to compact disc by way of computer.  Although its a fantastic feature, I’ve been really enjoying listening to my records again, on a turntable.  I’ll take advantage of the new technology soon enough, as my dad wants me to transfer some, if not all of his records to CD.  I can finally use some turntable covers I’ve had for years too — first up has been Def Jam since I got my new toy.  There’s just something about lifting a stylus and placing it on the groove of a round piece of spinning black vinyl, that delivers music in an organic way that’s no comparison to clicking and dragging tunes into my i-pod.

That’s it – that’s my vinyl testimonial.  Here’s some of the music I’ve been enjoying lately.  I took these shots with my crappy camera phone, to give them that nostalgic look 😉

cymandeThird WorldPrelude - VisualLoose JointsMadonnaThe Peech Boys JC LodgePeech Boys "Special"











Jermaine JacksonUB40DjavanSteel PulseLove is the Message


For the love of vinyl and good music


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