A fan of “True Blood” since its inception, I’ve noticed a little extra flavor this season.  We’re about at the halfway mark and it looks like we’ll be killing “Warlow” on Sunday judging from the previews — I was thinking it was gonna take all season, but I digress, back to the FUNK.  Retta from the sitcom “Parks and Recreation” hosted the season premiere at club “Fangtasia” for starters.

RettaRetta portrays Pawnee local “Donna Meagle” on the show.  The character is a fan of shows on HBO, that commented on “Game of Thrones” in an episode saying, “They all can get it,” referring to the men starring in the series.  I get the impression that “Donna” is very reflective of Retta and not shy about expressing her feelings.  She did her own special on Comedy Central in 2003, and has appeared in television and film since the latter 90s.  She’s been on “Parks and Recreation,” which was created by and stars Amy Poehler, since it began in 2009.  Retta recently wrapped the movie “Muffin Top: A Love Story.”  Parks and Recreation‘Muffin Top’ stars Cathryn Michon as “Suzanne”, a Women’s Studies Pop Culture professor at Malibu University.  Suzanne studies images of women in media for a living, but feels insecure herself, as she’s always exposed to the perception of “female perfection” projected through media — it sounds funny already.  Directed by Michon, Retta plays the character “Leah.”  ‘Muffin Top’ also features Haylie Duff as the “younger, skinnier” L-A girl that Suzanne’s husband knocks up, in ‘Muffin Top’.

Ted AllenIn episode 2, we enter “Sam Merlott’s” home where “Lafayette” is watching T-V while babysitting “Emma.”  “Lafayette” says “This fool is ’bout to get ‘Chopped’,” as the show created and hosted by Ted Allen plays in the background.  Chopped“Chopped” is a popular cooking show that airs on the Food Network.  Four chefs from all walks of life, from around the country, compete against each other by preparing a dish from three “mystery baskets.”  As the chefs prepare food from the baskets amidst the three rounds, a chef is “Chopped” each round, if their “dish doesn’t cut it.”  At the end of the three rounds, one chef of the four remains, claiming the “Chopped Chef Champion” title that comes with 10-Thousand dollars.

This past Sunday, “Jason” from ‘True Blood’ finds himself attracted to “Ben” aka “Warlow”, amidst a dream due to having drank his blood.  MiguelIn the midst of the fantasy, Miguel’s song “Adorn” is playing to set the mood.  HILARIOUS… Jason, in true “Jethro” fashion asks his Fairy Grandfather, portrayed by guest star Rutger Hauer, if having gay dreams make you gay.  Miguel’s “Adorn” ties Usher’s single “Climax”, for the R&B/Hip-Hop song with the longest running plays at Urban radio this year.  “Adorn” is also Miguel’s first entry on the Billboard pop chart and it won a Grammy this year for “Best R&B Song.”


Jurnee Smollett-BellLastly, in addition to Hauer, actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell has joined the cast this season.  Presumed to be a guest star, we’ll have to wait to see the fate of her character “Nicole Wright.”  Jurnee got her start in the Kasi Lemmons’ film “Eve’s Bayou” and starred in Tyler Perry’s “Temptation” earlier this year.  https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2013/03/05/tylers-funkin-temptation-kasis-black-nativity/  This year marks the first season “True Blood” has been without its creator Alan Ball.  I’m looking forward to more splashes of pop culture in future episodes.  As “True Blood” is in its sixth season, I find the incorporation of actual societal trends refreshing.

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