That pretty much sums it up.  On this day a man that should have gone to jail for murdering 17-year-old Treyvon Martin was found not guilty for his crime.  The fact that a jury of 6 women, four of them mothers, allowed an obvious vigilante to go free is an American travesty.  So many dreams shattered because a citizen, who was instructed by police to stop pursuing what he professed to be a “suspicious character”, is dead.

A delusional man, who desired to be a cop and will now never be, blatantly profiled numerous others before deciding Trayvon was the one he’d pursue and kill.  A woman has lost her son, a father has lost his son — he was carrying skittles and a soda.  I barely have the words right now, so I’ll stop here – thanks Corinna for the title.


Out of respect for Mr. and Mrs. Martin and for Penny


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