In light of the not guilty verdict for the accused in the case of Treyvon Martin, Stevie Wonder announced recently that he will no longer perform in Florida.  During the midst of a show in Canada, he expressed not only won’t he do that state, he added he will not do concerts any where in the world that upholds the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Here’s the video: 

Back in the day, another noted artist that didn’t have sight, made the same pledge for the state of Georgia in regards to “Jim Crow” laws there.  His name was Ray Charles.  A native of Albany, it was his song “Georgia” that in essence motivated the state to abolish said laws and grant the singer an honor on behalf of the stand that he took.  In the movie “Ray”, we see Charles played by Jamie Foxx, make a decision not to play a segregated show in 60s Georgia — the state subsequently banned Ray from performing there.  In reality, Charles was a supporter of the civil rights movement, and donated money to help support activists.  Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, two men with tremendous vision.  I want to thank my buddy Tony for the heads up.Ray and Stevie



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