Chris Rock is presently shooting his new film “Finally Famous.”  Starring Kevin Hart, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union and Rock, it’s said to be an edgy showbiz-themed comedy with romance.  Given the Hart/ Rock combo, in addition to the talents of J.B. Smoove, Sherri Shepherd, Romany Malco and rising starlet Haley Marie Norman, I anticipate lots of laughs.  “Finally Famous” is Rock’s third direction, following his features “Head of State” and “I Think I Love My Wife.”

Head of StateI Think I Love My Wife








Deeper aspects of the plot may be a secret, but we do know that Gabrielle goes blonde for her role in the flick. Photos from the set were leaked, picturing the actress with Rock and Malco in the kitchen of what looks like a hotel or restaurant.

Gabrelle Union & Chris Rock
Union posted a picture on Instagram within the past week stating: “Tales from the set . . . Movie honey Chris Rock & my ace Romany Malco.”

Rock once told me in an interview that filmmaking master Steven Spielberg told him he should direct.  After the guidance and before his first feature, Spielberg asked him when he was going to take the plunge.  Rock responded as if he wasn’t sure, and he said Spielberg responded with a disappointed expression.  I wonder if the two have interacted lately and what Spielberg’s thoughts are, now that Rock is taking on his third project at the helm.Rock & Union on set

Rock’s process and presentation definitely improved between his first and second film, so one would think his third feature will be even better.  Scott Rudin and Eli Bush are producing the movie that’s shooting in New York City.  Rock linked up with Rudin after he signed on to make his Broadway debut in “The Motherfucker With The Hat,” opposite Bobby Cannavale.

Good HairIn addition to directing, Chris Rock has taken on producing documentary films as well.  His first one “Good Hair,” delved into the world of black women and the history of ways they style their hair, discussing the pitfalls of perms and how hair for weaves is acquired from India.  He has two more documentaries on deck right now.  One titled “Eat, Drink, Laugh,” that’s a history of New York’s famous comedy club Comic Strip Live.  The second doc is “Credit is the Devil,” which I can only surmise discusses how people get into compromising positions via the use of credit.

I am ecstatic that Rock and Hart are teaming up, as I’m sure are millions of others.  Prior to Chris taking on this new endeavor, rumors were circulating that he would be hitting the road with Dave Chapelle for a tour.  Chapelle recently did several shows in Atlanta, and hits the road next month for with Flight of the Concords, touring through September.

Kevin Hart’s new stand-up concert film “Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain”, raked in over 10-million dollars it’s first week of release and has grossed over 30-million thus far.  Now in it’s fifth week at theaters, it’s still among the top-20 grossing films in the country.  Hart’s movies “School Dance” and “Grudge Match” are expected to hit theaters sometime this year, and he has three more films slated for release in 2014.  He also has another seven projects in varying stages of production, apart from “Finally Famous.”  For more on Hart and popular comedians go here: 

Chris Rock & Kevin Hartfor the FUNKY moves of Rock & Hart


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