Bootsy Collins is working on a song and has plans to shoot a video for the Food-Pantry “OUR DAILY BREAD.”  “They feed hungry people every single day,” says Collins, who’s contacted other musicians to aid him with the cause.  “Midnightstar & Eddie Levert (of the) Ojays are onboard to help me lay it all down for the people,” Bootsy remarked on his Facebook page.  The FUNK legend and friends expect to start shooting the video this Wednesday, August 21st — more  details to follow ala FB.
I had the fortune to interview the legendary William Earl “Bootsy” Collins a couple years ago when he was promoting his CD “Tha Funk Capital of the World” —  He talked to me about his new music, but our conversation was really all about his journey as a musician.  Bootsy breaks down how FUNK is Life; the essence of where FUNK came from; and how he and several musicians made FUNKY music out of FUNKY situations when we begin.  He then talks about recording with his late brother Catfish Collins and the legendary Bobby Womack, who lost his brother Cecil a.k.a. Zek Zekkariyas, in February of this year. Bootsy On the 1 Collins continues, speaking on the significance of the voices of Reverend Al Sharpton, Samuel L. Jackson and Dr. Cornell West at this time, which will mark this period in history for FUNK culture.  Each of them made contributions to his ‘Funk Capital’ CD.  He discusses how these men, and the pioneers of FUNK, had to seriously put a lot of work in before they were able to reap ANY FUNKIN’ benefits — citing the attitudes of young guns who want immediate gratification and those that feel entitled.  My favorite part of the interview, is when Bootsy talks about starting with James Brown and his relationships with George Clinton and Bernie Worrell.  We then kicked it about Hip-Hop icons Chuck-D, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, who also made appearances on ‘Funk Capital’.  Collins closes our chat, on how playing the clarinet growing up in school, was instrumental in working with Bela Fleck and inspirational for the “Bootsy Collins Foundation.”  The Bootsy Collins Foundation is dedicated to keeping musical instruments in schools, and music education within school curriculum —  “Tha Funk Capital of the World” also features Ron Carter and the recently departed George Duke.

This Friday, August 23, the Elm Street Dental Center  celebrates the two-year anniversary of the Kyle Willis Oral Care Program.  The late nephew of Bootsy and his wife Patti, a public ceremony was held at the health center after the one-year anniversary of his untimely death, last year.  He was a 24-year-old single father who passed away unexpectedly as a result of an untreated dental infection.  City officials have been working with Collins’ Foundation to raise awareness about unmet dental needs in the Cincinnati region.  As a result of this partnership, and with $250,000 in funding from Cincinnati City Council, Cincinnati dental clinics have been offering extended dental hours since April of 2012. Bootsy Phase 3 The next live performance scheduled for Bootsy is his participation in the 12th Annual Jam Cruise this January 2014.  For details go to the event website @: — check out the funky animated promo here: for the LOVE of Bootsy Baby c-dub


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    big B u only tell the truth!!! plz tell ur message over the world,,,,,the kids now need to hear this!!

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