AT&T had a press conference this past week along with New York City officials from the Parks and Recreations Department.  The ceremony was held to raise awareness of an existing vital form of technology that’s been a part of NYC’s landscape all summer called Street Charge.  The solar powered stems went up after the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, as a means of providing people without power to charge their electronic devices.

AT&T connected with the Brooklyn based company Pensa that had a new device looking for an outlet, and Street Charge hit the pavement, primarily in neighborhoods affected by Sandy.  According to the AT&T website, Street Charge is: “part of an ongoing effort to keep New Yorkers connected, AT&T is pleased to unveil AT&T Street Charge.  This pilot initiative provides free solar mobile charging stations in locations across all five boroughs where the public can charge their phones, tablets and other mobile devices.”

It hasn’t been determined whether or not any Street Charge units will remain at any of the existing stations after the summer however.  The duration of the project was never clearly defined on a long term basis, as its initiation was due to a dire need.  Street Charge units have started to be removed from its initial 21 locations throughout New York, but a few still remain.  Below is a list of areas with locations the device may return to next year, as well as where New Yorkers can still use the service.

Sreet Charge blogBrooklyn Bridge Park, Along Pier 1 Promenade and near Pier 5 Playfield;
Union Square Park;
Governors Island;
Coney Island Boardwalk;
Rockaway Beach [starting 7/6];
Rumsey Playfield in Central Park;
Staten Island Zoo;
Socrates Sculpture Park, Astoria (through 8/2);
Hudson River Park, Pier 45 (through 8/5) and Pier 25;
South and Midland Beaches, Staten Island [starting 8/12];
Randall’s Island Golf Center;
Riverside Park, Pier 1 (through 7/1);
Fort Greene Park (through 7/1);
Metrotech Plaza, Brooklyn (through 8/2);
Socrates Sculpture Park, Astoria (through 8/2);
Orchard Beach (through 8/5);
Brighton Beach Boardwalk (through 8/5);
LaTourette Golf Course [starting 8/19];
Clearview Golf Course [starting 8/19];
Brooklyn Borough Hall [starting 9/20];
DUMBO, near The Archway and Pearl St. Triangle [starting 9/26]


To keep up with what the future holds for Street Charge, bookmark this website:

for more on the changing face of things happening around New York City: 

Street Charge devices will be present and available throughout the course of this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival that takes place September 27th – 29th in the city.  For more on the festival, log on here:

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